primary bedroomprimary bedroom

Clean windows and mirrors. Spatter on bathroom mirrors streaky mirrors and windows are accentuated by our HDR photo processing.

Open up floor space and declutter. Typically, the more floor that shows, the bigger the room appears. Minimize personal effects. 

Have all lights on- lamps just look better glowing. Make sure all lamps have bulbs and are plugged in.  In fixtures with multiple bulbs, please try to have each socket occupied by the same type of bulb. Different types of bulbs, soft white, bright white, different wattages, LCD, Incandescent etc, all look different and it’s more obvious in photos. 

Please arrange for pets, their food dishes, beds, leashes etc to stored out of sight. Some buyers may be concerned about allergies.

Advise your clients of any personal items that they might want to remove before pictures including personal photos, items with names, or items that might be controversial in nature.

Being alone with the realtor or one person in the home is ideal. Suggest that your clients take their children and pets out for an hour. Children and pets can be very curious, and often walk right into a photo!

While blue skies and sunshine look great, we actually prefer a slightly overcast day! Clouds are nature’s photo filter and reduce shadows and glare. Blue skies are always included with our still photos regardless of the weather.

We are happy to brave the weather for ground photos but drone photography cannot be done in the rain or wind. A return visit may be necessary in case of rain. 

Feel free to point out any particular details of the home that you want photographed. Be ready to point out land boundaries and communicate with us on those. Attics and basements are not always obvious, but we will photograph them if requested.