Living room - doors openLiving room - doors open

• Clean windows and mirrors. Tooth paste splatter on bathroom mirrors show!

• Open up floor space and declutter. Typically, the more floor that shows, the bigger the room appears.

• Minimize personal effects, anything with names, or that could be considered controversial.

• We will want most of the lights on.  Make sure all lamps have bulbs and are plugged in.  Use the same type of bulb in each fixture.  Different types of bulbs, soft white, bright white, different wattages, LCD, Incandescent etc, all look different and it’s more obvious in photos. 

• Please arrange for pets, their food dishes, beds, leashes etc to stored out of sight.

•  Being alone with the realtor or one person in the home is ideal. Suggest that your clients take their children and pets out for an hour. 

• Feel free to point out any particular details of the home that you want photographed. Be ready to point out land boundaries. Attics and basements are not always obvious, but we will photograph them if requested.